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  • 您好,歡迎訪問 金華市瑞通塑料科技有限公司 官方網站!

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    電 話:15724922210

    地 址:浙江省金華市蘭溪市橫溪鎮工業功能區上新屋88號

           金華市瑞通塑料科技有限公司成立于2015年。自成立以來,以全球性的小商品市場 中國-義烏 為依托通過不斷深耕,成為該領域的領軍企業之一。我們緊跟工業潮流,著重創新,兼顧塑料裝飾材料的設計和制造。我們的產品主要為PVC、PS、竹木纖維材質裝飾線條、相框線條,以及集成墻板,并不斷開拓塑料制品的新領域。公司秉承產品保證,客戶至上的理念,服務于眾多海內外客戶。公司經營裝修行業多年,積累了豐富的的裝修經驗,在同行業中起到了推動作用,公司多年堅持“少做廣告,多做實惠”在裝修市場領域里憑借高質量,低價位而聞名,良好的信譽和多年的努力,公司的形象深深扎根廣大消費者心中,并樹立了自己的聞名品牌。     

          Jinhua Ruitong Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2015. Since establishment, we have been one of the most professional manufactures in plastic decorative materials. We are the manufacture and also the designers. Our company emphasizes on innovation and guarantee our products keep pace with industry fashion. The major products of our company are PS/PVC baseboard moldings, photo frame moldings, and PVC wall decorative panels. Because of the outstanding quality and professional services, our products are popular among customers from all over the world.

          We own our own industry park which can guarantee stable supplies. Our factory is located in Lanxi City and our sales department is set in Yiwu City which is the world-famous commercial center. We have sufficient experience in international business, so you can expect an easy procedure to do business with us. Feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to providing outstanding products to you, and also an excellent shipping experience.

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